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八年级英语知识点整理:人教新目的第一单元Section B

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本文摘要:Section B 1. expensive 形容词,昂贵的,同义词dear 反义词cheap,inexpensive, in- 否认前缀 英语中形貌事物用”自制的,昂贵的”,形貌价钱(price) 要用”高的(high),低的(low)”. 2.特殊的,特此外 I came here specially to ask for your advice. The Great Wall had been added to, especially during the Ming


Section B 1. expensive 形容词,昂贵的,同义词dear 反义词cheap,inexpensive, in- 否认前缀 英语中形貌事物用”自制的,昂贵的”,形貌价钱(price) 要用”高的(high),低的(low)”. 2.特殊的,特此外 I came here specially to ask for your advice. The Great Wall had been added to, especially during the Ming Dynasty. I’m sorry you don’t like the skirt, especially because he bought it specially for you. 3. activity 名词,运动,复数形式 activities active 形容词,努力的,活跃的 take an active part in 努力到场 4. enjoyable 形容词,有兴趣的,令人愉快的 enjoy 动词,喜欢;享受……的兴趣 enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事 enjoy oneself (in) doing sth. 做某事玩得很开心 5. 到达He usually gets home at 5 in the afternoon.(=arrives) We arrived in Beijing yesterday.(=got to; reached) Her mother will arrive soon. They reached the village last week.(=arrived at ; got to) 6. Malaysia 名词.马来西亚(东南亚国家) Malaysian 形容词,马来西亚的 名词,马来西亚人 7. so 连词,因此,表现效果 because 连词,因为, 表现原因 英语中,so和because, though 和 but 在一个句子中不能同时泛起,两个只能用一个. It was sunny and hot, so we decided to go to the beach near our hotel. Because it was sunny and hot, we decided to go to the beach near our school. We decided to go to the beach near our school because it was sunny and hot. 8. decide 动词 ,决议 decision 名词,刻意,决议 decide to do sth .= make a decision to do sth.决议做某事 decide on sth.对某事做决议,接名词,代词,动名词 decide that 决议…… 9. try 动词/名词,实验,努力 try to do sth.努力做某事 try doing sth.试着用某种方法做某事 try one’s best to do sth. 竭尽全力做某事 try on 试穿 动副短语 try out 试验出来 have a try = want a try 试一试 10. feel like (1)feel like +从句, 以为似乎是…… He feels like that he has never been to such a place. (2)feel like + doing, 想做…… I don’t feel like walking very much today. (3) feel like + 反身代词,感应舒服,like 可省略 I’m not feeling (like) myself today. 11. building 名词,修建,修建物 build (built, built)动词, 建设,修建 12. be like 在(品质,性格等)像 look like 在(外貌上)像 take after 与怙恃,相像 13. in the past 在已往 at the present = now 现在 in the future 在未来(未来某个时间) in future 在未来 (今后以后一段时间) 14. walk 动词,行走,步行,相当于 go … on foot名词,散步 take a walk = take walks =go for a walk 散步 walk around 四处走动;绕走 walk up to 走向,走近 15. over 表数量,凌驾;多于,相当于more than; less than 少于表方位,在上方(正上方),相对于above (斜上方);under 在下方. 16. too many 太多,修饰可数名词(复数形式) too much 太多,修饰不行数名词 }靠近原则 much too 太,修饰形容词,副词many too 错误搭配 17. 叹息句 What + a /an +形容词+可数名词单数+主语+谓语! What +形容词+可数名词复数+主语+谓语! What +形容词+不行数名词+主语+谓语! What an interesting book it is! What beautiful flowers they are! What fine weather it is today! How +形容词/副词 +主语+谓语! How careful she is! How carefully she drives! How +形容词+a/an +可数名词单数+主语+谓语! How beautiful a girl she is! How +主语+谓语! How time flies! 18. so 和such 表现”如此,这样” (1)so 副词,修饰形容词和副词 so +形容词+a/an+可数名词单数+that从句 so+形容词/副词+that 从句 so+数量词(many/few/much/little)+复数可数名词/不行数名词+that 从句 (2)such 形容词,修饰名词 such +a/an+形容词+单数可数名词+ that 从句 such +形容词+不行数名词+that 从句 su


ch +形容词+复数可数名词+that 从句 There is so little water that we are all thirsty . (little 一点儿,表现数量) (★)They are such little dogs that we all love them. (little 小小的) 19. wait 动词/名词.等候,期待 waiter 服务员,特指男服务员 waitress 女服务员 wait for sth./sb.等候某物或某人 (★)wait for the bus行公共汽车 wait at the bus stop 在公共汽车站等候 20. umbrella 名词,伞,雨伞 an umbrella 一把雨伞 21. because of 因为,复合介词,接宾语; because 因为,附属连词,接原因状语从句 We stopped climbing the mountain because of the heavy rain. We stopped climbing the mountain because it rained heavily.22. bring 带来,靠近说话人或说话双方都要去的地方 take 带走,远离说话人 fetch =get 取来,去拿来,一来一回 take …to … 把……带到……去 23. enough 形容词,足够的,多用于名词前面副词,足够地,置于被修饰词之后,可接for短语或不定式 We have enough time / time enough to get to the station. Are there enough seats for four persons? This room is large enough for us to sleep in. Enough has been said on how to learn English well.(作代词,看成单数) 24. bowl 名词,碗 plate 名词,盘子 cup 名词,杯子 glass 名词,玻璃杯 one bowl of … 意为”一碗” 25. the next day (以某个时间为起点的)第二天 英语中,以现在为起点,用this ,last, next 组成的时间状语前面不用介词和冠词,但若以已往或未来某一天为起点就需要在前面加定冠词the. 26. We waited a long time for the train. time 作时间解为不行数名词,这里由于前面有形容词long 修饰,故在前面加了个不定冠词a , 这种现象叫做抽象名词详细化. 27. forget (forgot, forgotten, forgetting)动词,忘记 forget to do sth. 忘记(要)做某事(事情没做) forget doing sth. 忘记做(了)某事(事情已做) 反义词remember (记着)用法与其相同. 28. along the way 沿途. 29. another two hours =two more hours 另外两个小时 30.询问天气 What’s the weather like? =How’s the weather?天气怎么样? 31. every day 每一天,时间短语 everyday 形容词,天天的,日常的 We do our homework every day. Doing homework is our everyday activity. 32. have a fun time 玩得很开心 =have fun =have a good time =enjoy oneself 33. find out 查出来,强调历程 find 找到,发现强调效果 look for 寻找,强调行动 34. keep (kept, kept) 动词,坚持,保管,饲养 keep doing sth. (继续)不继地做某事 keep +形容词 保持某种状态 keep +sb./sth.+形容词 让某人/某物保持某种状态 keep sb./sth. +所在状语 让┈待在某地或生存在某处 keep sb./sth. doing sth. 让某人/物不继做某事 keep sb./sth. from doing sth. 阻止某人/物做某事 =stop sb. from doing sth. 35.go on 继续,事情举行得怎么样,同义词continue go on to do sth. 表现某件事已做完,再”接着”去做另一件事 go on doing sth. 指做某一事情因故暂停,尚未做完,再继续做下去 go on with sth 继续某事,接名词或代词作宾词 He went on to talk about the world situation. Although it was late she went on working. Please go on with your story. 36. up and down 上上下下;起落 jump up and down 上蹿下跳 37. excitement 名词,兴奋 exciting 形容词,令人兴奋的,形貌事物或修饰事物 excited 形容词,兴奋的,形貌人. excite 动词 ,使……兴奋,主语一般为事物,宾语为人. to one’s excitement 令人兴奋的是 in excitement 处于兴奋中with excitement 带着兴奋be excited about (doing)sth. 对(做)某事感应兴奋be excited to do sth .兴奋地做某事 38. 一段时间+later /ago ……以后/以前 一般已往时态,表现某个时间 before +某个时间 表现一段时间,可单独使用,现在的时态 39. Come up 泛起, 被提出. 主语是事或物 come up with 随……泛起;提出…… The plan came up at the meeting He came up with the plan at the meetingTwenty minutes later, the sun started to come up.